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The First 30 Days

It's simultaneously hard to believe that tomorrow will already be the 30th day of school and that tomorrow will only be the 30th day of school. It's technically the eighth week of school, but thanks to Jewish holidays and Indigenous Peoples' Day, we just made it to day 30.

This is a helpful milestone, because it reminds me that it's still early, and that much of the focus up to this point should have been on building a positive culture in my classrooms. Side note: Yes, that's plural. This year I'm teaching math in two classrooms rather than teaching all subjects with one group of kids.

Now whether I have been focused enough on building a positive culture is an important question. Because the days have been spread out, I feel like I lost focus on building community somewhere around the beginning of October. It's not too late to adjust, but it does make me aware of why certain behaviors are happening in my classrooms and what I need to do in response.

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