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What Does Virtual Community Feel Like?

Last night I hosted Teachable Moments' first zoom storytelling event since COVID-19 hit. Our last event was in March, two days before our last day of school before the closures. There were six people in attendance, not counting the bartender and door manager of Nuyorican Poets Cafe. Almost 40 people attended last night, including my parents who haven't been able to attend one of my storytelling events before.

There is so much need and loneliness that we're all feeling. I know I miss the experience of being with my students in the classroom. I miss spending time with friends. I miss hugs hello and goodbye. I'm still sad that I was unable to celebrate Passover with my family in California.

I know my students are struggling with quarantine too. I think some of them haven't left their houses since March! They miss their friends and teachers too.

And still, I think we're beginning to adapt. I won't say that this is a replacement for the in person connections we …

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