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I Know What I Know: Covid-19 Remote Teaching Diary Day 61

Tomorrow is the last day of a very strange and exhausting school year. I didn't know if I would make it through this year, and that was even before the pandemic hit. The truth is the past few years of teaching have gotten progressively more difficult. In particular, I've struggled to maintain my faith in myself as a teacher and my ability to carve out a resistance role in an oppressive education system. But today was a day that affirmed some things that I know about myself and teaching. I'm grateful for days like today that allow me to feel proud.

Most of my day I spent continuing my 1 on 1 goodbyes with students. Many were awkward and/or brief. But on every call I made sure to express how proud I feel of each student. No matter how many calls they joined or assignments they turned in, they deserve so much credit for surviving this school year. On several calls I was also lucky to get heartfelt thanks from kids and families. It is clear that my effort was seen and felt. It…

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