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Jewish Wisdom for Teachers

And Everyone Fighting for a Better World I am very tired. I am "the honeymoon period is long past over, and I'm counting the days to winter break" tired. I am "it's day 12 of a persistent cold" tired. I am tired from the work of teaching. I am tired from the weight of current events.

As a teacher serving kids of color in a systemically and historically marginalized community, I don't feel good about being tired. As a whiter person trying to fight against systems of oppression I feel embarrassed to say I'm tired. Do I get to be tired? If I'm tired, what about the kids and families I serve? What about the friends and loved ones who experience racism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia...

This humility and empathy is essential. And so is an understanding that emotional and/or physical fatigue are not moral failures. I am allowed to be tired. I am allowing myself to be tired, and forgiving with myself, because my Jewish tradition teaches me to do th…

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