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Today I am Proud

Reflections on Youth Led Inquiry into Race and Racism (Part 5) I will write more, lots more, as soon as I can. But for now, I just want to say that today I am proud.

Like many teachers I know, I hold myself to a high standard. Some people in my life feel like it's an impossible standard. But the fact is, as a white man teaching Black and Latinx children in Central Harlem, just trying my best isn't enough. I need to make sure that each day I'm going for broke and doing everything in my power to properly serve my students and their families.

So, a lot of days, I end up feeling like a failure. Whether I'm truly falling short, or just falling into the trap of a white savior mentality, it's hard to say. But like I said, today I'm proud.

Today nine of my 5th graders stood in front of an audience of strangers and shared their words. And they weren't just any words. They wrote about the meaning of race, the roots of racism, and the history of resistance to racism …

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