Help Upgrade My Classroom Library

To learn to read you must first love to read. I teach a 4th grade general education class in a high-need community. My school is Title I (roughly 99% of students qualify for free lunch), with a mostly Hispanic student population. Almost a majority are English Language Learners.

Of my 25 fourth graders, all but two are below grade level. Roughly a third are reading at a third grade level. The rest are reading at a second grade level or below. All of them are determined to become better readers, but our classroom library is limited, and students often struggle to find a book that is both interesting and at their level.

With an influx of new books from level K (2nd grade) to T (4th grade) I hope to inject some excitement and variety into my classroom library. By offering students a broader range of options for home and classroom reading, I can more easily capture their attention and push them to become stronger readers.

Your help will ensure that boredom doesn't limit my students potential. My students deserve books that are not outdated or badly worn. New books will create a power sense of pride in our classroom library and enthusiasm for reading. Your support will help my students overcome a major hurdle in their quest to become better readers.

My students need 18 sets of leveled readers. The cost of this proposal is $645, which includes shipping for any materials requested and fulfillment.

Thank you for your support!


Hugh O'Donnell said…
I've linked this post to my most recent post.

Thumbs up for taking the initiative!

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