How was my day? I spent at least 30 minutes thinking I'd lost my Palm with all my ECLAS (a reading assessment for grades K-3) data to start it off. The phone rang at least 3 times in the course of my first two lessons. I spent the afternoon scrambling to finish assessing my students on ECLAS (using the Palm I thankfully found!), during which a car alarm went off and didn't stop for a solid hour and 20 minutes. I finally left the building at 6:30, came home to finish entering all my ECLAS data and then lesson plan. Somehow without any major incidents the whole day managed to feel chaotic and exhausting. Sigh. Somehow though I managed to get what I needed to do done, so now it's off to a a hot bath, glass of scotch and early bedtime.


What an exciting time of your life! You sound like a really neat teacher. I am a retired second grade teacher and you made me feel like I was living some of my teaching days again. The fast pace, the pressure, the frustration of too much to cover and not enough time...I don't miss that! I do miss the pleasure of helping children learn. There is just something very satisfying about planning lessons that actually work. You seem to have figured out two keys to success and survival. Number one, learn from your mistakes, and two, don't beat yourself up over them. You will have a wonderful time of it.
Tennessee Teacher

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