Snapshots From My Day

As is becoming a recurring theme on here, I'm short on time and energy. Here was my day in brief snapshots...

Me running around like a madman trying to figure out why my students aren't understanding a simple math experiment I clearly explained...and realizing I must not have explained it very clearly.

Listening to my students brainstorming ideas for a class fairy tale. Motormouth shares his ideas which include a "magical chariot" and an "evil dragon lurking" in the forest.

Using my broken Spanish to try to navigate a much needed Parent Teacher meeting with Mastermind's mom to discuss her behavior.

Trying to hide my yawns during my meeting with the Core Inquiry Team, a group I'm a part of that includes the principal and two AP's.

Asking one of my after-school kids why he's crying. Listening to him explain how he misses his old school in Pennsylvania where his mom still lives. Doing my best to cheer him up and wondering if it's even fair to him to try.

Leaving school and being hug-attacked in rapid succession by the kids.


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