What Are We Doing Today?

Things have changed a bit since the debauched days that followed my first year of teaching. As evidence, here's how I spent my first day of vacation so far... Cleaning my desk. Cleaning my entry hall table. Cleaning out my closet (I'm sorry mama!). Then I took a nap. Now I'm off to Goodwill then the gym. I apologize if anyone fell asleep reading this...

Surprisingly I've realized that sometimes I don't need to go crazy to enjoy the freedom of vacation. It's nice just to have a second to breathe and get around to unclutter the piles of books, tests, papers from the administration and unopened junk mail that accumulate during the frenetic pace of the school year. Don't worry though, as soon as I get back from the gym I foresee at least one ice cold beverage in my future.


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