Making Magic

We were ten minutes late for everything today. During a lesson on prefixes there was mass confusion and during a goals setting lesson there were glazed eyes. Our math lesson ran long so there was no time for social studies. But balancing out all those frustrations was a simple moment of magic.

During our first real attempt at independent reading I sat down on the rug with my five non-speakers. I told them we were going to make a book together, and I watched their faces light up. Each student told me one thing they liked, I translated it to English and recorded it on an index card. Then each student got to illustrate their sentence. For a brief part of the day they weren't confused. They were excited and engaged.

It was a simple lesson, taken from a colleague, but it was the best part of my day. It was the kind of "ah ha" moment that embodies the thrill of teaching. I'm hoping I can create more of them.


Miss A said…
FULL MOON. It made our school insane too.
Ginger Snaps said…
What a good feeling. =) I have a few that just stare around the room too because they have no idea what I'm talking about.

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