Update and Quick Reflection

I have not been in hiding nor have I given up on writing. Rather, I have been inconceivably busy transitioning into my new role as Campus Director for Citizen Schools at MS 331. Luckily the Jewish calendar in its infinite wisdom has forced me to stop what I'm doing long enough to take a deep breath and record some of my reflections on this space.

Early last year at HGSE I realized my interest in ed policy was more of a hobby than an ambition. I didn't want to feel removed from the work. I wanted to be on the ground, with the kids.

This new role offers me a great opportunity then to take on a new challenge, without leaving the work happening in schools.

My new school isn't far at all from where I used to teach. The 6th graders I work with are from more or less the same neighborhood as my 4th graders. It feels incredibly gratifying to have the chance to return to this community with a new perspective and a renewed sense of purpose.

One distinction between my old perspective and my new is how I would describe my work in the Bronx. Formerly I would have said I taught to "give back". Now I believe that the power and potential for change resides in the community where I work. Rather than giving, I now consider my job to serve the community.

To end, I want to make a commitment to write more regularly. There is a lot I am learning each day in my new role. For that I am grateful. I hope to document it more regularly. For now I will just say that the transition from theory (my studies at Harvard) to practice (the new job) has been difficult and incredibly humbling. My obligation now is to take one lesson from each day and apply it to the next.


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