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End of Year Feelings

 I remember a tweet that said something like, being a teacher is just repeating, “This is the toughest time of year over and over again until June.” That said, I think teachers agree that the final weeks of school can be especially excruciating. In New York City, the end of school usually coincides with some of the best weather we get all year. As students and teachers alike dream of summer vacation, we struggle to complete end of year tasks and assessments. In the midst of this end of year whirlwind, I don’t often make enough space for the feelings that arise. I’m so focused on getting across the finish line, I forgot to notice what I’m going through emotionally.  To be honest, it’s a mix of emotions. The exhilaration of my approaching summer vacation is there for sure. But there are other feelings there too. After spending a year (sometimes two) with a group of students, the end of the year can bring feelings of sadness. Goodbyes are always hard for me, and the relationships I form w

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