My Day Off

I woke up this morning feeling awake and ready to go back to work. But when I got out of the shower I had a thought. What if I didn't go? So I called in and said I wasn't coming in and went back to sleep.

As soon as I was asleep I had the most vivid dream that I was at school and while I was struggling to get my students to arrange their desks properly my 2nd/3rd grade teacher was taking notes. I knew it was a dream. I knew that I had just called in so I wasn't at school, but it didn't stop it from feeling so intense and real. As soon as I said as much to my teacher I slipped back out, feeling much relieved to be in bed instead of the classroom.

I wish I could say I spent the day doing nothing. But rather than doing my nails and catching up on my stories I did laundry, graded papers, wrote an ethnic autobiography for my mind-numbing Multicultural Literacy class and did some lesson planning. Of course, it's only 5 o'clock so I can still celebrate my freedom somehow, perhaps with some combination of hookers and blow (just kidding Mom!). It's funny how much the tone of this blog changes when I don't spend the day being emotionally trampled by underachieving preteens.


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