So close...

Just one day away from another weekend. This week has been tough, but even though it's a lot of the same problems with the same students, I feel like it's getting easier. At the very least I can say I'm building up a resistance to the frustration and stress of the job. Even if things aren't getting better I don't feel completely drained at the end of each day anymore.

For most of the week I've been sick. I'm amazed that I made it to the end without taking a sick day. But, I think it's a good sign. This weekend is time (once again) to recharge, regroup, and rethink my teaching. I know what I need to do to improve and I know that my lesson planning is inextricably linked to my behavior problems.

I have come to realize that 99% of the misbehavior in the classroom is my fault. It's not even the fact that I'm too quiet or too nice. Almost all of the misbehavior is either because the kids are bored or confused. So my goal this weekend is to come up with creative, exciting lessons that really engage my students. Right now things just aren't clicking. I don't expect to figure it all out in one weekend, but hopefully things will turn a corner next week.


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