The Dangers of Vacation

A four day weekend can be bad news for someone like me. Still adjusting to life in the "real world" it's dangerous to be reminded what it feels like to sleep in and waste a whole day watching Showtime OnDemand. And then you wake up at 6am and you hate everyone and everything that necessitates such an ungodly wake-up.

Of course there's also the risk of going soft. It's not easy for be to give my students the tough love that they need. Even with practice I'm still more or less a softy compared to the seasoned veterans in my school. So four days of rest and relaxation can definitely take away your edge.

Luckily for me two of my more bothersome students, Lil Miss Stay Puff and Pop N Fresh, were absent. So today went relatively smoothly because I wasn't exerting as much energy trying to get PNF to be quiet (Or as I'm often thinking, STFU!) or asking LMSP to stay in her seat. I feel guilty for the relief caused by their absences. They deserve to come to school every day and get an education. It's my job to figure out how to teach them whether they're annoying or not. Still, it's nice that I had a chance to ease back into things and hopefully tomorrow I'll be a bit more on top of my game.


IMC Guy said…
We have some of those annoying kids as well. While it is our job to teach them, it's also their job to help us with that process. Hopefully, they will learn that being annoying is a problem that THEY need to fix.
Hugh O'Donnell said…
Like my Dad used to tell me before I settled on teaching as a career (age 30)..."June, July, August..."

Don't think of it as a lay-off, think, "vacation!"

Of course, you have to pay the rent, but even a summer job is a vacation of sorts. Then you might be glad to get back to school.

Hang tough, Ruben.

Hugh aka Repairman

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