A Day Off (But Not Really)

While the kids are away do the teachers get a chance to play? As a kid I always wondered what my teachers were doing on those so-called work days. Now I know, but I can't say it was much of an exciting revelation. And while the teachers seemed more relaxed without 1000+ students running wild around the campus, it wasn't exactly a day off.

I spent all day filling out surveys, analyzing school reports and testing data and grading my students' practice ELA exams. After Monday I'm feeling a little anxious about going back into the classroom. Ideally I'll be able to get to bed soon so I can go to school tomorrow recharged and ready.

Right now I'm feeling a mix of exhaustion and panic. Exhaustion because I didn't spend the weekend catching up on sleep or work like I should have. Panic because I'm behind on my portfolios, way behind on my DRA's (a system of assessing student reading abilities), I haven't started my report cards yet and they're due Friday, I'm being observed by the principal this week and on top of that after grading my students' practice ELA tests I realized if they were to take the test tomorrow near half of them would fail. So, how do I even start to get them ready?


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