The Birth of Cool

Since we came back I've started playing music on the speakers I bought for the Christmas party. I wasn't sure what to play at first. I knew it had to be something mellow, but I thought the kids might find Jack Johnson and Ben Harper cheesy. I decided on Miles Davis, but I still didn't know how it would play. Turns out I didn't have to worry. It was awesome how the kids got into it and I'm not sure if it was about the music or just because they saw it as a peek into my world (It's funny how excited the kids get to hear anything about my life outside school). Even better, I was able to use the music as a tool for keeping the noise level under control. Music is a big part of my life and I'm happy that I've found a way to bring it into my classroom.


Marcy said…
Sometimes, when the kids are involved in tasks where they are working independently, I will play music. I am especially fond of Santana, and music from the Buena Vista Social Club. I also have a CD by the Gipsy Kings that I should play for the kids at some point.

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