It's hard to say if things got better today or not. After rearranging students so that they would be less inclined to talk it seemed like things were somewhat improved. The problem remains in the hallways. Well, and in the classroom. Talking, talking, talking and I'm just not sure I have the patience to wait and do the "I like the way so and so is sitting quietly" until the whole class shuts up. It's exasperating and feels like a complete waste of time.

Towards the end of the day I took a piece of a wooden chair that had been broken by a student earlier in the day and I used it as a gavel. The loud banging turned the class silent. So, it worked. For today. But think of the absurdity of resorting to banging a big piece of wood on a desk to get the class's attention. I know in retrospect that can only be a short term or one-time solution. Today I banged on the table once. Tomorrow it will be two or three times. If I keep it up it won't matter how long or hard I'm hammering on the table, I won't be getting any quiet out of the class.


Unknown said…
what about a whistle? The minute you start whistling, whatever kids are talking will have to write sentences or something?

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