I've already discussed the awful feeling of watching my students take a test, powerless to help them. Too often I saw students just extract the numbers from the word problem (or number stories as they're called these days) and add them together. Doesn't matter if the problem's asking for subtraction, multiplication or division, because they don't bother to really read for understanding.

Then there's the problem that most of my students didn't bother to pay attention when I tried to drill 12 inches = 1 foot into their heads. So when a question asks students to convert 4 feet 6 inches into inches I saw 46, 10, 24 and all sorts of answers other than 54.

The good news is tomorrow it will be over. I did my best to prepare them, even sacrificing my sanity for the sake of test prep. I can only hope they learned enough to pass. I know that I learned enough from the whole experience that next year things will be done much differently. Of course that will be true of everything, not just test prep.


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