Testing the Almighty Dollar

This article via the NY Times details a new Washington Heights charter school opening in 2009 that hopes to put the theory that higher teacher pay will attract better teachers (and therefore raise student achievement) to the ultimate test. According to the article, the new school will pay its teachers $125,000, or about three times the pay of most new teachers in NYC. Of course testing the theory in a charter school isn't really the most accurate experiment. Charter schools tend to attract students from families with more involved parents which typically means better academic performance to begin with. Still, it's a good idea. Would be nice to see it put to the test in a regular public school.


Hugh O'Donnell said…
Hey Ruben, not to be jacking your post, but I hope to see you participate in a simple but elegant meme. Details here: http://repairman.wordpress.com/2008/03/09/meme-passion-quilt/

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