Spanish Lessons

Although I took Spanish for three years in high school until this year I don't think I used it more than a few times. The language laid dormant somewhere in the back of my head along with Semisonic lyrics, Billy Madison quotes and other forgotten relics of that bygone era. This year I've been trying to revive my knowledge of Spanish so I can communicate with the parents of my students, the vast majority of whom do not speak English.

It's been going relatively successful (relative to say, not trying at all). Certain phrases I've gotten quite good at through repetition. El comportamiento de su hija es muy malo (Your daughter's behavior is very bad). Su hijo necesita ayuda con el leyendo y matimaticas (Your son needs help with reading and math). Finally yesterday I got to practice a new phrase. Tengo muy orgulloso del progreso que su hija hizo (I've very proud of the progress your daughter has made). It was a nice feeling for a change. Now, if I could only understand what they say in response...


ionestar said…
Lol I love reading your blog. Tu espanol es bastante bueno!! You are so funny!!! In two days I'll have my interview with NYCTF and I'm so anxious because I've never had a real job interview. Wish me luck and if you can ADVICE please!!!

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