The April Fool's Joke That Wasn't a Joke

It was last Wednesday morning when I brought Lil Miss Meltdown into the AP's office for a talk. She had spent the morning whistling and humming, sucking her teeth and being generally disagreeable. I don't know what I thought the outcome would be. Previous talks haven't done much more than buy me an hour or two of focus. Still, at this point I would have been happy with that much.

What I didn't realize was in the course of that brief meeting my principal would walk in and tell the AP to transfer my student to another class. I didn't find out about this later when my AP told me. It being April Fool's I thought it might be a prank of some sort, but when I asked both AP's were very serious about it.

The next day Lil Miss Meltdown's new teacher was absent so she stayed in my class, but the next day I was told to have her pack up her things and send her to her new class. Given this girl's propensity to throw tantrum's when she's unhappy, you can imagine how smoothly the transition out of my classroom went. Even after she was gone it was hard to believe what had happened, especially since I was never a part of the decision that was made to remove her from my class.

So this week I had my first taste of teaching without her in the classroom. Now my managerial energies are focused pretty much wholly on Maverick as well as the new kid, transferred to my class because of too many problems he was having in his old one. So hopefully all the shuffling of students is done and once the dust has settled everyone will be better off for it.


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