So Much to Do and So Little Time

As of Friday there will be less than 2 months of school left and you can feel the building breathe a collective sigh and students and teachers put their feet up and just kill time. But this doesn't sit right with me. 2 months is a long time. It's 1/5 of the school year; it's more than enough time to finish two units of study. So should we really use a bit of exhaustion and warm weather as an excuse to stop teaching? That seems to be the general consensus among many (thankfully not all) teachers at my school.

For me I feel more like it's the 4th quarter with the clock ticking down. It's my last chance to make a difference to the kids in my classroom. That means redoubling my efforts, rather than lessening them. Over the course of spring break I looked over goals I'd set for myself in August. With our last state exam over with tomorrow, the next two months will be the time I use to pursue these goals. The focus of these goals is to broaden my kids horizons - by getting them out of the classroom and by bringing speakers and resources to them.

It's early still, but I'm excited for the prospects over the next two months. Next Friday we're going to the Met. I already sent out a letter to parents surveying their interests, availability, and re-inviting them to participate in my classroom. Next I want to seek out some local professionals - artists, writers, scientists - and connect them to my students. Maybe I'm being overly ambitious, but for now I'm determined to turn make these last months count.


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