22 Days.

Arrgh. 22 days. 22 days. 22 days.

This countdown is simultaneously driving me insane and keeping me sane. On the one hand time is running out to teach my kids, and there's a lot left I want to teach them. Many of them still can't handle basic multiplication and division facts. I also want to cover social studies in some basic and deeper ways (50 states, exploring the 3 branches of government, doing a report on family history and immigration...). Writing a 5 paragraph essay was another goal I set for myself in August.

Then again, when 4 of your students get in a fight in gym, that can be pretty frustrating. Dealing with the same 4 kids all afternoon while trying an activity exploring symmetry that should be fun, is even more frustrating. By the end of the day I had used a Tibetan temple's worth of deep breaths and the mantra repeating in my head was 22 days, 22 days.


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