Please Shut Your Mouth

File this under "Be Careful What You Wish For." Brainstorming ways to deal with The Biter's behavior, I fantasized about duct taping his mouth closed. It's probably not allowed under the DOE's discipline code, but it would be highly effective in stopping his outbursts. But, returnig to reality, I moved on to other ideas.

What did The Biter bring to school today? A roll of duct tape. What did he do with it? Tape his own mouth shut. Why did he do it? Among other reasons (including some sort of ill-advised revenge plot against some hostile 5th graders) he wanted to stop himself from shouting out inappropriately.

Now this may have been his true intention, but what ended up happening was just another ridiculous call for attention. This time creating fart noises by blowing out against the duct tape attached to his mouth. Frustrating, to say the least. But at least now I know how my plan to use duct tape would have played out if I'd actually tried it.


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