Diary of a Snow Day

Friday, 12:50 am: It's way past my bed time, but I went to an improv show at Upright Citizens Brigade Theater and the snow made the trip home longer than usual. Practically the whole cab ride home we discussed the likelihood of a snow day considering the travel conditions. Still, without the go ahead from the Chancellor I have to go to bed.

6:15 am: 10 minutes before my alarm is set to go off (typical) I get up and go straight to my phone. There are multiple text messages from fellow teachers: "SNOW DAY!!!" I look outside my window to see for myself, turn off my alarm and go back to sleep with a huge smile on my face.

9:10 am: I wake up, unusually well-rested, and figure out what's next. I flip on last night's Daily Show and treat myself to a leisurely bowl of cereal. This is nice. I could get used to this. After The Daily Show I scroll through the DVR and find last week's Faces of America with Henry Louis Gates. It's an awesome series about immigration and heritage featuring celebrities like Eva Longoria (!), Meryl Streep (!!) and Stephen Colbert (!!!). I guess it's a sign I'm getting old, but damn I do love me some PBS (as a counterargument to my growing maturity, I will probably check later if there are any episodes of VH1's so-bad-it's-kinda-good-but-really-it's-just-awful Frank The Entertainer in a Basement Affair onDemand).

10:32 am: I start to realize I kinda had important things to do today. I need to kick off our persuasive writing unit, we were supposed to take our Unit 5 Progress Check for math and my thank you package is due to DonorsChoose early next week and the kids haven't written their thank you notes yet. Damn. I contemplate starting my planning for Monday or checking what's onDemand.

11:34 am: I procrastinate by "cleaning" my desk. This consists mainly of recycling/throwing out about 15% of what's there and consolidating the rest into one or two manageable looking piles. Afterward, I'm hit with a sudden impulse of productivity and create a rubric for our travel brochure writing pieces.

12:45 pm: I hit up the Y for a rare workout. Not sure whether to count this as productivity or not since it doesn't impact my classroom at all, but it's a far better use of my time than anything VH1 has to offer.

2:15 pm: There would be about 20 minutes left in our school day, which means I should probably try to do one more thing that's productive before I let my weekend officially start.

2:57 pm: I mapped out my weekly plan (lesson objectives for each day) so I can congratulate myself and start my weekend. Think I might watch some mind-numbing reality TV so I can wonder in the advances of modern plastic surgery and silently hate myself.


Mr. Ray said…
Don't worry, the most productive element of my snow day was building a sled. And now, at 5:30 on a Sunday, I'm regretting it.

Snow days are a great diversion from reality, until reality itself returns. Already behind on starting my next units, I missed a double prep day and now will be playing some serious catch up.
Woods said…
Sounds like a great day! Out here in D.C. when we had the week off... It was gratifying, then i missed the little ones. It was like something was missing. I think i'm gettin accustomed to chaos lol.

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