Help Bring the World Into Our Classroom

Very little time or energy to expound fully, so instead, a bit of shameless promotion for my DonorsChoose proposal. Please give it a look, donate if you can, and pass it along to friends and family. This one's for geography materials - a talking globe, 2 maps, posters and geography skills books.

My students

Help me create citizens of the world! There's a big world out there and I want to connect my students to it through a love and understanding of world geography and cultures.

I teach 19 students in a high-need community. All but two of my students qualify for free lunch. My students are energetic and enthusiastic learners, constantly curious about the world around them. Most are designated as English Language Learners, and all of them speak Spanish at home.

My Project

The resources I am requesting will create new connections to geography and world cultures for my students. For many of my students, continents and countries, cultures and faraway places are abstract ideas. In addition, we lack some basic resources including a current globe and maps of the world and our country. Through the electronic globe, posters, maps, and books I hope to make these concepts real and meaningful for my students.

The world is growing more and more interconnected. It is vital that tomorrow's citizens understand their place as part of a global community. That work begins with teaching students about the places and people from around the world. With your help, I will make my students into the global citizens of the future!

Thanks for your support!


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