Trap Day

In football they have what's called a trap game. It occurs when a team is just coming off a big match-up and are facing a weaker opponent before another big game. For example the Jags played division rivals the Colts last week and are going up against the Steelers next week. That makes this week's game against the anemic Panthers a trap game.

Why do I mention this? Well it feels like a lot of times I walk into school on a Friday and end up having a day that follows the same principles of a trap game. I just got through four exhausting days of playing catch up with lesson plans and keeping my classroom under control. Looking ahead to the weekend and next week (not to mention winter break only two weeks away) I let my guard down and don't bring my A-game to the classroom. Inevitably this makes Friday one of the longest and hardest days of my week.

My strategy should really be the opposite for Fridays. Gird myself for a difficult day and don't give the kids and inch of room for misbehavior. Focus on the day like it's the first day of the week instead of getting distracted by the prospect of two full nights of rest and peace and quiet. In the end it's a psychological trap that feels more or less inevitable. It's a tough reminder that you have to come to school prepared and ready to teach with 100% everyday, but a valuable one nonetheless.


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