The Snow Day That Wasn't a Snow Day

Here in NYC snow days are hard to come by. The way I heard it Mayor Bloomberg called a snow day back in the early days of his admin, and was embarrassed when the streets were actually cleared relatively easily. And so these days he's pretty unlikely to call off a day of school unless things reach The Day After Tomorrow conditions.

We had a few inches of snow on the ground this morning. I didn't expect a snow day, but for a lot of my students and co-workers I guess it was. I won't call out any teachers, because many of them come from Westchester and it's not easy to get to the Bronx in conditions like today's. But I do have to wonder about my students (or more accurately their parents).

All of my students live within a couple of blocks from school, but any time there's bad weather, attendance drops precipitously. I appreciate a parent's concern for their kid. They don't want them to catch cold. But at the same time, isn't a two blocks walk through the snow better than missing a day of school? Especially when the next state exam is about a month away...

Luckily, even though I had seven students absent, I hardly noticed because I took on 10 students from another class whose teacher was absent for the day.


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