I Never Thought...

Today I was struck for the first time in a while by the absurdity of me doing what I do. My 3rd graders were walking quietly, spaced evenly in straight lines down the stairs on their way to lunch. "You guys look amazing!" I gushed. "I'm going to have a tough time deciding which line deserves a star!" I said as a smile broke across my face. And then I couldn't help but laugh out loud.

Here I was shepherding 19 seven and eight year olds to lunch, enforcing the so, so serious rule of walking silently. Kids of this age are just a little funny looking to begin with, still chubby and small, but adding to the situation my surprise to find myself in this position, the experience felt both surreal and hilarious. With that in mind, a brief list of...

Questions and Statements I Never Thought I'd Utter:
  • Am I using too much blue marker on my charts?
  • I'm only going to give a star to the line that's trying their best!
  • Is that how we ask to go to the bathroom?
  • I LOVE the way Student X is showing me he/she is listening.
  • If you do your best and stay focused you'll get a ticket.
  • Stop playing with your pencil and show me you're listening.
These are a few that come to mind for now. I'll try to add more in the future. Feel free to add some of your own in the comments!


Unknown said…
omg rubes, this was SOOO funny. my brother and i had a good laugh together! more please!

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