With 10 school days left until Winter Break (the unofficial/non-mathematic halfway point of the school year) I thought it's time to introduce some of the characters in my classroom. There's a lot this year:

Motormouth - This kid has an amazing vocabulary and loves to show it off. He also loves to share anecdotes that are usually very tangential at best to whatever we're discussing as a class. I usually can't fault him though because he's always so enthusiastic about whatever he's saying. Famous quote: I'll have that paragraph written faster than a beaver crossing California in winter!

Digo - This poor little girl's struggles with the English language are epic. She's born and raised in the U.S. but for some reason lacks a working vocabulary. When she shares her thoughts, every other word is punctuated with a "Digo (I mean)." Often I'll ask her to take a deep breath to gather her thoughts when she's practically gasping to get her ideas articulated. Famous quote: "Comtex clue are, they're like, words? Digo, comtex clues..."

Mastermind - I want to believe this girl is a genuine sweetheart, but she's got a smile like the cat who ate the canary, and in the middle of practically every lunchtime issue. She has two little followers (one of whom is Digo) who get involved in all sort of mischief with her, but don't seem to understand what they're doing. Famous quote: [In response to what are you going to do better tomorrow?] "Behave?"

The Silent Treatment
- This girl is a mystery and my greatest challenge. She has been between New York and Mexico her whole life and since moving back in the middle of last year hasn't picked up any English. We've been working on letters and sounds all year and aren't making any progress. I do my best by repeating questions in Spanish, but even when the questions are totally open, i.e. How big do you think the classroom is? Who did something nice this week? all I get is a vacant stare. Famous quote: "..."

Eeyore - This kid would be infuriating if he wasn't so impossible to not love. He's small and lately he's started giving me a big hug at the end of the day. He wears velcro shoes because he doesn't know how to tie his laces, and apparently doesn't know his ABC's. He's a classic space case who loses his pencil and hat regularly. Yesterday he didn't remember what jacket he had worn to school - there was only one left to identify - and he has kind of a low voice which makes for a combination of adorable/hilarious. At the same time he's very low academically and gives up easily. I constantly have to push him to even try and get him to realize what he can do when he does. Famous quote: "I need a pencil."


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