It's Good to Be Back

Two days back from a quasi-productive winter vacation and I'm still trying to find my rhythm. The kids aren't the only ones who lose a bit of momentum from 11 days off from school. It's been something of a roller coaster ride. High points include the kids telling me how happy they are to be back, and just getting back into the flow with them. Low points include going to Staple's to pick up a new $140 printer cartridge for my classroom printer (I naively asked if the school had a supply of cartridges) and trying to communicate with a crying Eeyore.

He complained he wasn't feeling well, and then admitted he skipped lunch. Trying to explain this was no way to make it through the day, I asked if he'd eaten anything for breakfast. His response? Maybe. He couldn't remember! I love this kid like crazy, but he also blows my mind sometimes with his... helplessness. Sometimes, I can't figure him out. He refused to eat a breakfast bar I hadn't gotten to from this morning and refused to eat snack between school and after-school, so I just had to send him home. Sigh.


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