The Endless To-Do List

Well, I finally got out from under the pile of snow we got, but I seem to be trapped under a pile of work. I have data to analyze from two simulations, report cards due Wednesday and the usual grading and planning to do. I'm having a hard time imagining if I'll ever get on top of all this work - this year, or ever as a teacher. There seems to be an endless supply of paper work and no matter how much or little diligence I show, there's always another item on the to-do list. I'm sure I could eventually get through all this work, but I'm experimenting with having a life this year.

All this is my attempt to excuse my recent silence. I promise to get back to writing shortly. In the mean time, you can read an interview posted on the blog Finding Education. Hopefully I can check in tomorrow with a more legit blog post.


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