First the Good News...

Today as class was ending I was amazed I didn't feel completely drained. Although my temper was short and I'd spent the last hour (or two) riding a storm of talking and shortened attention spans, I managed to complete the day without feeling the need to pass out immediately on the 4 train. This seems in some way like a small victory.

Another minor success was not losing my shit when the Reading specialist failed to show up for my prep period and using a game on the spot to manage the class. It was quasi-successful. After the game wound down there was still about 30 minutes left in the day so I let them draw. Ostensibly they were assigned to draw self-portraits to hang up, but really I didn't have anything else up my sleeve.

I'm also happy to report that after seeing some of my co-Fellows last night at Fordham, things could be worse. We were all sharing stories. And while I heard plenty of stories that made my blood boil with jealousy, I was reminded to be thankful I have had no cases of violence (yet) and that unlike one poor Fellow, I wasn't relegated to some far corner of the school with no support and all the problem kids. No, I'm lucky enough to only have 4 problem kids. But then again, I'll gain about 10 kids, so maybe I'll pick up another 1 or 2.


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