Problems With Perpendicular

A quick funny story: We're discussing parallel and perpendicular lines and all of the students are struggling with the pronunciation of the words (let alone the meaning of them). So I decide to help them out by breaking the words down into syllables. "Repeat after me," I said cheerfully. "Per."
"...uh..." Laughter. "Dicular."

Just one example of the many missteps large and small I make each day. Being able to laugh them off is essential and so is being self-aware and reflective. It's really not fair that my kids have to suffer along with me as I find my way, but luckily they give me enough problems that I don't retain too much sympathy for them. Today was another day of ups and downs- major improvement on the part of one problem child, but more problems arising with more students... It's beginning to feel like a game of disciplinary Whack-a-Mole. For a brief second one problem is resolved only to have another one pop up in its place.


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