A Double Life

I've mentioned this several times, but it never ceases to blow my mind how absurd my position is at times. I spent the weekend with a bunch of my college friends (today was a year since we graduated). We traveled down to Baltimore for the Preakness which is ostensibly a horse race, but is actually an event where hundreds of thousands college age students gather to drink and engage in generally irresponsible behavior.

Meanwhile today I was back in the classroom, sporting a hell of a sun burn and trying to reassume a position of authority. I have 27 kids who look up to me and see me as some sort of role model. We spend eight hours a day and for some of them I am the biggest influence in their life. I mean, I teach them and supposedly prepare them for life. Not that this is news, but it still amazes me whenever I stop to think about it.


Hey, I'm going to be doing NYCTF this upcoming year and I can totally relate to feeling like this is a double life... I'm just graduating from college and still do really stupid things, and yet somehow I'm supposed to teach these kids and impact their lives in such a positive way? Like how can I be teaching kids when I still feel (and sometimes act) like one myself? Your blog has given me a lot of insight as to what to expect this year, thanks for sharing. :)

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