How Far We've Come Cont'd

Today was a rough day. I wasn't feeling well at all and it just felt like a struggle to get through. But, again, I had to think about the day relative to September to gain some perspective.

The tough days I have these days, would have been great days back in September. A day like today would definitely have been nice back in the fall. Of course I can't hold myself to that standard anymore. I've come a long way and the kids have come a long way. So in that respect I should be tough on myself still. Furthermore, as behavior's gotten better, there's new problems.

The problem I've faced lately isn't chaos and non-stop talking. It's actually silence. I will be up there teaching a math lesson and asking questions and I swear I can hear the crickets chirping. And it's infuriating! I have to try so hard not to lose my cool, because I finally have some quiet in the room, but I still don't have their attention.

I guess that's why I signed up for this in the first place. I knew this job would never be boring and there would be an endless flow of challenges. So one challenge is over. I don't have to fight to be heard. Now a new challenge begins. We'll see how I handle it.


Zoemonster said…
You have done a good job this yr.. and come a long way

feels great, I'll bet

On a side note.. you know that poem you had the kids memorize??

Well, something's been bugging me on that

the one about something growing from cracks in a sidewalk...

well, there is an "IT'S" in one of the lines... and the apostrophe is Mad wrong!!

(*it's* is ALWAY "it is".. and Never ever ever ever ever means anything else.)

Pls tell me the runts didn't see it written that way...especially w/ state testing imminent???

Best, sl

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