O Bureaucracy

I never claimed to be adept at navigating the finer points of adulthood. For example I went in for a dentist appointment not too long ago. I thought this was very mature of me. Every adult knows you gotta take care of your teeth! A week or so later I was told they were having problems with the billing from my insurance.

So, today when I had some time I went to work figuring the matter out. First I called Cigna who told me they had no record of me and instructed me to call whoever's in charge of my dental coverage. This should not have been too hard, if I had known who that was. So I called NYC HR, who referred me to the DOE HR who referred me to the UFT who connected me to the UFT Welfare Fund who told me I wasn't enrolled! Woops. So now I'm trying to enroll in the welfare fund and receiving a message that says there's no record of me as a member of the UFT.

Interesting... There's an equal chance that I neglected to fill out some paper work, or somewhere in this tangled web of bureaucracy my information is missing or incorrect. In the mean time I have to figure out how to pay my dentist.


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