I Gave Up

I'm not proud of myself, but today I gave up. Test prep is driving me crazy. Test prep is driving the kids crazy. As the kids go crazy, they drive me even crazier.

So, when I was offered a "mass prep" (i.e. the kids watch a movie in the auditorium) the last period of the day I gave in. I didn't really need the mass prep, because even though my coverage never showed up in the morning, I didn't miss out because I was being covered by another prep teacher to be in a meeting. I shouldn't have really taken the prep, because I haven't had the timeto teach what I need teach. But, that didn't stop me from taking the kids down to the auditorium when 2:10 rolled around.

Basically, I copped out. I'm exhausted and stressed as the ELA approaches. And on days like today, with Lil' Miss Meltdown and Maverick operating at their worst (and a couple of the more minor characters to be introduced later), I just needed to cut my losses and get out alive. Hopefully tomorrow I can get back on track.


Angela Watson said…
Okay, fill me in...how does a mass prep work? It's optional? How often is it offered?
Mass preps are too tempting.

I hate sending my kids to them but it really bothers me when I don't get a prep that I'm supposed to have. Such a waste of time though.

Test prep sounds horrible but hopefully it will all be worth it when it's over, right?
Ruben Brosbe said…
Mass preps are just a replacement for a missed prep. They're a way for administrators to cover multiple classes at once. Generally they are a complete waste of learning time. The kids sit in the auditorium and watch a movie.
Angela Watson said…
Thanks for the explanation. Your whole prep situation sounds...confusing.

At any rate, you clearly needed a break and you took it. You're allowed a cop out every now and then. Hang in there. :-)
Yeah, one thing I dislike about my new school is the whole "no teaching the day before break" and it gets better "no teaching the last two weeks of school" some teachers extend that into "no teaching after testing." I'm like, what? We're all so stressed over testing and then we create a school culture where we give up days like that? At least I made a compromise with myself last Friday--I just went out to play soccer with my kids the whole day. Merry frickin' Christmas. Not perfect, but I can live with it, but I definitely know the feeling of defeat. You'll bounce back.

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