Roland Fryer on The Colbert Report

America's truthiest pundit had Harvard economics professor Roland Fryer on his show last night to discuss his initiative to pay high school students in Chicago, New York and Washington D.C. for good grades. Whether this is straight up bribery or a clever way to incentivize academic performance is up for debate. If you ask me, with a system as broken as ours, the only bad ideas are the ones we've already tried. Watching the interview, I'm pretty sure Fryer would agree (he's got a couple of other tricks up his sleeve in the mean time). For now, the program is only in its infancy, so for now it's too early to tell if it's effective.

And just for good measure, two more Esquire stories on Roland here and here.


none said…
my parents paid me five bucks per A when I was in middle school... it worked wonders


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