Do As I Say...

It's not exactly new revelation but it struck me today that my co-fellows and I are horrible students. I am constantly having side conversations with my friends. I frequently neglect my work. What caught my attention today was when I sighed heavily after yet another person was called on before me when I felt I'd been raising my hand forever. This is behavior that I frown upon in my classroom and try to discourage. I often get annoyed when the same students will sigh loudly or slam their hands down in frustration on their desk. Now I've realized I'm just as rude and impatient. I wonder if I can turn this realization into something useful or if people are just bound to be frustrated if they don't get called on when they want to share.


Unknown said…
Love your blog... and love that quote. I have a magnet with it!

Glad I found your blog at NYCEDUCATOR this morning. Will be back for more. :)

--Stacey from Two Writing Teachers

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