Happy Thanksgiving!

A nice four day weekend ahead, and boy do I need it. Except this year I don't need a break from the kids, just a break from teaching to test, test prep, test sophistication. We've had five days of practice testing the past eight days of school and I'm exhausted. I can only imagine how the kids feel. I'm sure we're all thankful for a nice break from it all.


We'll miss you out here. We love you and are thankFULL that you are doing such amazing work, and so graceFULLy. I know I'd flunk those tests, so don't forget to remind them to be playFULL and keep the old sense of humor. Love to you, big sis (but losin' her baby weight as we speak!), Liora
NYC Educator said…
I too hate test prep, but I always volunteer for it. Someone has to do it, and not everyone is ruthless enough to shove it down their throats until they hate it so much they pass the test just to escape the clutches of the evil teacher.

Enjoy your break. Me, I left the country and I'm not going back till Sunday at the last possible moment.

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