Happy Black History Month!

Did you know that February isn't just the shortest month in the year, it's also Black History Month (Hey, wait a minute...). So make sure you spend the next few weeks teaching your kids who invented the traffic light and the light bulb filament, because before you know it February will be over, and there goes your chance to talk about African-Americans!


NYC Educator said…
Who are we gonna talk about in March?
Kathryn said…
Haha, everyone will be scrambling to say something about it by the 28th! Nothing like a deadline to make you pay attention.

To add to the Black history festivities, Gilbert King recorded a video about Barack Obama's inauguration and Thurgood Marshall (he's another one to tell the kids about). You can check out the short video here: http://theharperstudio.com/2009/01/barack-obama-on-the-shoulders-of-thurgood-marshall/

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