Obama Reframes the Education Question

Watching Obama's Presidential address live and he's just now wrapping up the discussion of education. Lots of stuff for eduwonks to sink their teeth into. In typical Obama fashion, the President threw out out plenty of red meat to both sides - discussing early childhood education plans, expanding charter schools and the responsibility of parents in helping their children succeed - all the while speaking with a tone of calm and compromise. One of his greatest applause lines, among the many, felt as if he was speaking directly to young African American men across the country: "Dropping out is no longer an option. It's not just quitting on yourself, it's quitting on your country."

Undoubtedly those interested in the future of education will find plenty to argue about in Obama's speech. Allusions to performance pay? What "programs that don't work" does he plan to cut? Tonight, the future of America's public education system under President Obama remains somewhat nebulous, but nonetheless received some much needed attention in the national spotlight as one of his top three priorities for the country.


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