Judgment Day

Today I got the news that I will get my ELA scores at tomorrow's grade level meeting. The best I can say is that at least the waiting will finally be over. In the mean time, I'm pretty damn nervous about the results. Going into the year I set a goal for myself that all my students would pass with 3's. Now I'm confident that 24 3's will be nothing short of a miracle. Instead I'm just hoping not to see any 1's.

In any case, this will be the first year that I was confident in my abilities as a teacher, so I'm interested to see what translates in terms of test scores. It will also be interesting to compare and contrast those scores with what I know to be the abilities of my students in the classroom. For example, I may be pleasantly surprised by the number of 3's, but that will tell me more about the worth of the state exam than my student's academic aptitude. We'll find out tomorrow...


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