The Maverick has been banished for the rest of the week and The Biter has been banished for good. In return I've received one "problem student" who I happen to have a good rapport with and shouldn't cause too many problems over the next 7 days. This leaves me with a fair amount of freedom to teach (in June!?) as much as I can. I look back on the last two years and it strikes me that even in the past few days (and in the next 7) I'm probably doing more teaching than I was able to do at any point last year. That's progress, and it feels damn good.


Anonymous said…
Hi Bronxteach,

I've been following your blog for the last few days and I really like it. Iwork on police in schools issues and I hope you don't mind, but I provided a link to your site on my blog:
Hope that's okay. Take care

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