At this point in the year, we're all just pulling any tricks we can to keep the kids excited. Like I said last week, I'm still amazed by how much teaching I'm attempting this late in the year, compared to where I was last year. Still, while I might not be in full end-of-year mode, i.e. spending the day having the kids take down all the posters, pack up the books, etc., I'm still digging deep to find some innovative ways to engage the kids.

Today I relied on a successful lesson from last year, updating it slightly to make it more challenging. The kids were given graham crackers and chocolate, and in order to earn their marshmallow they had to find several equivalent fractions and decimals based on the ingredients they were given. Once they'd done that, I used a borrowed microwave to make s'mores.

Last year when we made s'mores a kid said it was the best day of his life. No such hyperbole today, but it was definitely a success. The kids were amazed and delighted (as anyone should be) by the gooey, miracle that is the s'more. It's hard to imagine a classroom full of kids who had never experienced a s'more before. Happily I can that's not true for my students anymore.


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