There's things I didn't expect to deal with as a teacher, like all the paper work and girl on girl drama between the 17 girls in my class. And then there's the things I really didn't expect to deal with as a teacher. Like having a parent threaten to kick my ass if I bring the kids out late again. This was in front of several students and parents and I had to just stand there and wait for it to be over. Does the man honestly think I want to take my time getting my kids out at the end of the day? Like I get some thrill out waiting fifteen minutes for a student to pack up their damn stuff and get out of the classroom. Nothing to dwell on, but demoralizing nonetheless. I hate to say it, but if it wasn't obvious before where most of these kids learn their problem-solving "skills", now I know.


Marcy said…
Children model the good and the bad we as adults display. Even in my privileged, high-priced learning community, I see lots of examples of bad parenting. Behavioral dysfunction amongst adults knows know socio-economic boundary.

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