I'm in the middle of a week long break. Nice to have the time to just relax and take a holistic deep breath and regroup. I'm somewhat surprised at how productive I've been. Of course productivity is relative. I'm not catching up on grading or lesson planning per se. But I've watched half a season of Lost, bought a new pair of shoes, went to the Mac store and wandered around the East Village and the Lower East Side (twice). So, since lately the standard for being productive means just leaving my apartment, I feel I've been very productive. I really have been enjoying the break though and the chance to recharge. Tomorrow I'll set out to get some real teacher-type work done so I won't be hating myself come Sunday.


Hugh O'Donnell said…

I watched American Gangster on DVD yesterday. Took me back to my roots (Brooklyn). Actually, I do remember reading about Bumpy.

(Did you recognize Clarence Williams III from Mod Squad as Bumpy?)

Nothing to do with education, but a nice break. How ya been?

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