Introducing... (Part 2)

It's been a while since I've introduced more of the characters who make up my classroom. It's not much, but for now I want to introduce you to two more of my students.

The Woman-Child (TWC): Similar to Chandrella, The Woman-Child is very dark skinned and twice the size of most of her classmates. This means an exciting handful of issues. She's self-conscious. She's a bully and at the same time extremely sensitive. She's also very intelligent (or at least shows the potential for high performance), but does little to no work. She shows no awareness of boundaries, neither in terms of student/teacher or boy/girl.

While I'm just now introducing TWC, I have mentioned her many times already. Since the removal of ALP, TWC stepped up as his heir - testing, trying and disrespecting me daily. It was TWC who accused me of not liking black people. And it is TWC who I found writing extremely sexually suggestive notes.

TWC frustrates me to no end. But, naturally her situation is among the most saddening. The wasted potential and her inability to maintain relationships with her peers is tragic. She told me once that she hopes to grow up to be a pediatrician. I often try to appeal to this dream, because it is really a dream of mine too.

Bambi: Bambi is one of the "best" students in my class. What this means is that she is essentially mute. Even when I am sitting right next to her I usually can't hear her. I've dubbed her Bambi because of the wide eyed, deer in the headlights look on her face that she sports all day, everyday. She represents one of my greatest challenges. She is a student who needs that extra push and show of attention. I'm am pushing her to find her voice and participate. The students think she is one of my "favorites" because she never causes problems. But because of her silence she is also almost a ghost in my classroom. And if I let myself get bogged down in the misbehavior of Bambi's peers, I worry she'll never get the help she deserves.


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