After the Test

Today I taught a lesson introducing my students to historical fiction. I think it was the second reading lesson I've taught since the test has ended. When the lesson was over and I'd dropped the students off for lunch, I was thinking about what had gone well and what had not. One word came to mind: rusty.

After four weeks of non-stop, high-pressure "test sophistication" I just felt awkward teaching a lesson of my own design, focused on a more general topic. It felt good, but I can't help that after weeks of having my lessons supplanted by Kaplan, Acuity, and practice tests, I've lost a bit of my rhythm.

This week I was hoping to regain it, but it hasn't been easy. Since Tuesday I've lost approximately half of my teaching periods to meetings, testings, grading and a hip-hop assembly. In theory it's all necessary for me and my students. In practice, I haven't had a chance to really do my job. Sooner or letter I'm determined to get some teaching done.


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