Back on the Grind

Wow. After 12 days of vacation it's easy to forget how exhausting this job is. Mondays are always a little awkward and out of sorts for me. On a post-vacation Monday, those problems are compounded exponentially.

A lot is said about how much the kids regress during these lazy days, but I'm the first to admit the problem applies to teachers as well. Just as kids must re-learn rules, routines and procedures (not to mention content with 5 days left until the ELA exam!) I felt myself re-acclimating to the classroom. It helps that I have established rules, routines and procedures for practically everything from using the bathroom to getting a tissue. Still, there is clearly some work to do for both me and my students.

What stood out the most was how talkative, and well, goofy, the kids were acting. They just weren't in a very studious mood and it took some work to fix the tone of the classroom after a somewhat rambunctious period with the art cluster teacher. Eventually things quieted down, but I was definitely tested by my most demanding students. Those students never give you a day off, do they?


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