Back to the Drawing Board

I survived another week. Now it's time to regroup. The one thing I know I have going for me at this point is my ability to reflect on what's working and what's not working and do my best to fix it quickly. Despite a conference with my main problem child and his mom this morning he acted out horribly this morning. He did better in the afternoon, but I have no idea why. One of the more frustrating things I'm dealing with is sifting through all the advice I'm getting. Ignore him. Give him incentives. Give him a chance to help. I have more advice than I know what to do with and it's close to impossible to remember and execute all of these different ideas.

I held a class meeting to close up the week- the same agenda as the first week with my 3rd graders. Overall it went okay and it was a nice way to close things up. Started off with thank you's, then things we could do better and just like the 3rd graders the class was very astute and thorough in mentioning all the things they could improve upon. I had each of them sign the agenda afterwards to acknowledge that they understood what we'd talked about. This week I really felt myself pushed to the breaking point, and even though I know it's not the last time, or even the worst, I feel confident I can face what's coming.


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