They Grow Up So Fast...

So today came and went. My 3rd graders have been cast to the winds (or rather into the capable hands of four experienced teachers) and my 4th grade class assembled. The roster lists 25 students right now, but I had 19 today and several may not show up ever which would be nice. It was amazing to see how much a year's difference makes. Of my 3rd grade class at least 66% were genuinely cute. A year later much of that deceptively adorable exterior has been lost for most of my students. I see that as a definite advantage for my classroom advantage.

I'm also very happy with the level of literacy- verbal and written - amongst my 4th graders. It really reinforces why I wanted this grade in the first place. To be sure, the roots of attitude and rebelliousness are starting to show. Still, I will take the cognitive gains over the docility any day. Furthermore, my 'problem child' is someone else's problem now. Of course, I have a new batch of problem kids with my new class, but none of them with the severe learning disabilities of my old class's distraction. Again, given the choice, I will take a student who chooses to misbehave over one who can't control his behavior any day.

I have a lot of work to do. I have to get my new curricula and textbooks. I have to restart communication with parents. And in the mean time I still need to learn to be a good teacher. But after today, I actually had the feeling that things will be alright.


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